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Tournament Form

Click the link below for the tournament form for the NWA in 2021.
All participants must be NWA members. 

    Please check the tournaments that you wish to enter:

    After submission, you will be redirected to Paypal for payment. You do not need a Paypal account to pay.

    Or you can click the download link below to download the form, print, and mail it.

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    2021 Nebraska Walleye Association Tournament Schedule 

    Click the link below for the tournament schedule for the NWA in 2021.

    One two day tournament. $300 per two person team 

    One two day tournament. $300 per two person team 


    One day Tournament. $120 per two person team.                       

    Information & entry registration at:  

    One day Tournament. $200 per two person team. 

    Weights from the Kevin J Murray and NWA event will be combined. Payouts and top gun points will be awarded based on the combined weight total.

    One two day tournament. $300 per two person team 

    Two day Championship tournament. $300 per two person team 

    The Championship will be 100% payback.  

    Only NWA members with Top Gun Points and who have fished at least three of five qualifying events may fish the 2021 Championship.  

    **Sherman October 2020, Harlan, Lake McConaughy, Lewis & Clark, and Sherman. 


    Dave Nadgwick 402-657-8189 [email protected]

    Payment can be made by check, cash or through PayPal. 

    PayPal charges a 3% fee and this fee is the responsibility of the contestant.

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    Nebraska Walleye Association Tournament Rules and Regulations

    Click the link below for the Nebraska Walleye Association Tournament Rules and Regulations.

    1. Participation and Eligibility
      1. Any Person 17 years or younger must be paired with their parent or guardian.
      2. Entrants must have in their possession a valid fishing license.
      3. Each team must consist of two members, unless prior permission is obtained from the tournament committee before the start of the tournament. Only two members can be in the boat during tournament fishing hours. Substitutions are permitted prior to the start of the tournament, only if the new member executes an entry form properly filled out with the substitution information.
      4. The NWA has the right to refuse acceptance of entry applications.
    2. Boat, Fish and Equipment
      1. All teams are subject to inspection during tournament hours. NWA patrol boats may come alongside and

    conduct in‐boat inspections.

    1. CB, Marine Band Radios and Cell Phones are for emergency calls only. Any transmission via phone or radio

    that is non‐emergency is grounds for disqualification. The NWA may inspect phones for use during tournament hours. If there has been use, this will be grounds for disqualification.

    1. All fish must be kept in aerated live wells or coolers to keep fish alive and healthy for eventual release. The use of fish stringers or wire baskets is not permissible. The showing of white gills, soft flesh, or sunken eyes may result in disqualification. The final determination will be by the Bump Master during tournament weigh‐ins.
    2. Only fish that are of legal length are eligible for the daily weigh‐in limit of 5 fish. Bringing in fish outside the legal limits is grounds for disqualification. The regulations for each individual lake will be followed.
    3. All state fishing regulations will apply. The NGPC Catch, Weigh-in, and Release Walleye Tournament Rules are listed below.
    4. Good Sportsmanship and Safety
      1. High standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, and safety are expected from all participants. Any contestant who displays poor sportsmanship may be disqualified.
      2. All boats must meet U.S. Coast Guard safety regulations.
      3. In the event of a storm or lightning, teams may pull into shore for safety.
      4. No alcohol beverages may be consumed 2 hours before or during tournament hours.
      5. All contestants must wear a US Coast Guard approved life jacket, with a kill switch attached to the boat operator any time during tournament hours while the boat is on plane. Failure to do so could result in a warning being issued or immediate disqualification based on the level of negligence witnessed.
    5. Boat Release and Fishing Hours
      1. All boats released from the flight holding area, must idle out past the marked buoys. Any boat not complying with this rule and risking the safety of other teams may result in a warning being issued or immediate disqualification based on the level of negligence witnessed.
      2. Boats will be released in flights pursuant to assigned team numbers.
      3. Tournament fishing hours will be announced at the rule’s meetings. Teams who leave early will be automatically disqualified. Teams who return later than the assigned times will be automatically disqualified.

    Any Team experiencing boat troubles that will prevent them from returning on time must notify the tournament director prior to the end of the tournament to qualify for the automatic 15 point tournament minimum, but will not be allowed to weigh any fish or gain any additional points. 

    1. Tournament practice is allowed up to one hour prior to the Rules Meeting, otherwise the lake will remain off limits until the official tournament end time.
    2. The morning of the tournament, all boats will be allowed to use any ramp, on the lake, but they must navigate directly to the designated starting point. Any boats dropping buoy markers or searching possible fishing areas will be disqualified.
    3. Boundaries will be explained at rules meetings.
    4. Rule Violations
      1. Rules violation warning: Dependent on the severity, a rules violation could result in immediate disqualification or a warning being issued.
      2. Warnings will be recorded and remain in effect for the entire tournament season. 
      3. Two warnings for any violation or a combination of violations will result in disqualification. 
      4. Warnings for a combination of rules broken will result in disqualification of the tournament the second warning was issued in.
      5. Warnings for the same violation will result in disqualification of both tournaments the violations were committed, or the loss of 100 point, whichever is greater.
      6. Tournaments that resulted in a disqualification will be treated as if not fished, therefore they cannot be used as toss out tournaments for end of the season Top Gun point calculations.
    5. Prizes and Scoring
      1. All prizes will be awarded by total team weight, except for the largest walleye prize, which will be awarded individually. At least one team member must accompany the catch to the scale.
      2. In the event of a tie, final placing will be determined by the heaviest single fish.
      3. In the event of the largest fish tie, the winner will be determined by the heaviest total weight.
      4. Each dead fish will be omitted from the total weight. The bump master will have the final say if the fish is dead or alive.
      5. Teams will be disqualified if any fish does not meet legal length limits.
      6. The NWA will pay awards on a 1 in 8 format.
    1. Protest and Waiver
      1. The tournament committee, or any contestant, has the right to protest another team or contestant. The protest must be filed in writing with the tournament committee no later than ½ hour after the close of tournament fishing hours. The tournament committee will convene to hear both sides of the protest. A polygraph may be utilized if so decided by the tournament committee. The decision of the tournament committee shall be final in all cases. A $250.00 protest fee must accompany each written protest. The fee will be returned if the protest is found valid. If the protest is valid, the disqualified party must pay all investigative cost, including the polygraph. If the protest is invalid, the fee will not be returned.
      2. Promoters, Tournament Directors, Sponsors, Tournament Committee, Organizations and Individuals assisting in the tournament operation, their agencies, agents, etc. are not responsible for deaths, injuries, damages, liability, theft, fire, or any loss of any kind to entrants. Each entrant upon signing an entry form will be signing a waiver form.
      3. Disqualification from the tournament will result in forfeiture of entry fee.
      4. All rules have “loopholes”. In the interest of good sportsmanship, contestants are reminded that the “spirit of

    the rule” will prevail in all judgment cases.

    1. Miscellaneous
      1. No refund of entry fee for cancellation will be issued within one week prior to tournament. There will be a

    $25.00 service charge per team retained on all refunds of entry fees regardless of cancellation date.

    1. Catch and release is optional, teams may keep their legal limit within the state rules and regulations.
    2. All participants must check in prior to the start of the pre‐tournament rules meeting.
    3. The rules meeting is mandatory. At least one team member must attend the start of the rules meeting or the team is subject to disqualification without refund of entry fee.
    4. During tournament hours both contestants must stay on the boat, unless weighing in fish early or at the weigh in marina.
    5. Any teams, that try, to gain an unfair advantage in any way not mentioned may be subject to disqualification.
    6. Each contestant agrees to submit to and pay for a truth verification test. Refusal to submit to and pay for such a test will be viewed as an admission of guilt and will result in disqualification.
    7. The tournament committee has the right to delay, reschedule, or cancel any tournament due to unforeseen or unsafe conditions.
    8. The tournament committee has the right to change tournament lake location 10 days prior to the scheduled tournament date. In this situation, entry fees will not be refunded, and teams are required to fish the new location.
    9. Contestants are responsible for all applicable taxes.
    10. The tournament committee has the right to review any requests that are exceptions to the above rules and regulations.

    Top Gun and NWA State Championship Programs

    The Top Gun Awards are designed to recognize the top teams throughout the season based upon the total number of points at the end of the year.

    Both members of the team must be an NWA member at each point qualifying event to qualify for the Top Gun Program, NWA State Championship contingency awards, and any postseason qualifying events.

    The Top Gun Program will be structured in the following way:

    1. Teams consist of 2 NWA members.
    2. Individuals must declare if they are members of the primary team or a substitute at each individual tournament.
    3. Including the State Championship, there are 6 qualifying tournaments for the 2021 season. Top Gun Awards will be based on points from the team’s best 4 of 6 finishes in the qualifying tournaments.  Ties will be decided amongst the higher scoring teams from all 6 tournaments.
    4. Qualifying tournaments equals any NWA tournament fished by two NWA members where a minimum of 15 points was awarded. 
    1. Top Gun points will apply towards NTC slot allocations, as well as payout awards to the top 3 teams of the year. 

    Payouts for Top Gun are as follows: 1st= $1,000, 2nd=$750, 3rd= $500

    1. Points are accumulated at each qualifying tournament with 110 points awarded for 1st place, 105 for 2nd, 103 for 3rd, 101 for 4th, 100 for 5th, 99 for 6th, 98 for 7th, etc.
    2. Points are awarded to each team based on their finish in reference to the entire tournament field that are NWA members. In the event a team fails to weigh a fish, the team will be awarded 15 points for participating in the tournament.
    3. All point standings will be posted on the NWA website within one week of the conclusion of the tournament. Any protest or question concerning the point standings must be brought to the attention of the tournament director no later than one week before the start of the next tournament.
    4. Substitutions in qualifying tournaments must be declared before the start of the tournament. The tournament registration form must be completed identifying the tournament and who the substitution is for.
    1. A substitute is allowed for two events during the tournament year. Each tournament is considered an event whether it is one or two days. The substitute must be an NWA member prior to the tournament for the team declaring the substitute to receive points. No points will be given to the substitute.
    2. To qualify for the NWA State Championship teams must both be members of the NWA and fish 3 qualifying tournaments. Qualifying tournaments equals any NWA tournament fished by two NWA members where a minimum of 15 point was awarded

    NGPC Catch, Weigh-in, and Release Walleye Tournament Rules

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